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"I found this beautifully and truthfully depicted, and it resounded with me deeply." - Sheila Crowley, Curtis Brown

This is the real life story of how a small boy was found abandoned on a bombed-out street in South London towards the end of the Second World War. He had a note pinned to his back that read: 'Please look after Billy. He has no home.'

Taken into care, Billy spend time in a number of children's homes around the country, as a new name and identity was created for him.

In his fifties, Peter Lindley undertook a search that helped him come to terms with his troubled past. It also reunited him with Billy - the boy he was led to believe he should leave behind.

'This is a classic narrative that sees the central "hero" undertake a compelling and urgent search.' - Karin von Abrams, writer and translator

'I truly could not put it down, and very nearly missed my stop on the tube. Please Look After Billy is a searingly honest and compelling account of a life.' - Helena Appio, TV producer